Pa Yeng, 12.5m Jonque de Plaisance Ars en Ré

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Pa Yeng, 12.5m Jonque de Plaisance Ars en Ré

The following documents give the main characteristics for each design and photos (when available).

Summary with main characteristics of this design

10.5M JDP Summary EN.pdf

12.5M JDP Summary

14.25M JDP Summary

16.5M JDP Summary

Articles and supplementary information written by Dimitri

Bamboo recommendations
Bamboo recommendations

Bamboo battens to sail
Bamboo battens to sail

The Chinese Yuloh
The Chinese Yuloh

Fender for small embarcations
Fender for small embarcations

An article written by Geoff Proven in 2014 about the performance of his 12.5M Jonque de Plaisance

Performance of a modern sailing junk

The Videos

La Grand Halte, 12.5m. Fine Tuning the Rig at La Rochelle, c.1986 – Transcript:

Dimitri: “I tried to take everything I had seen in the Far East that I liked in sailing junks and that I thought adaptable to a boat in Europe.”

Presented as one of the most economical and safest sailings, the junk makes a spectacular entry into the La Rochelle sailing world. Two models under construction at the maritime constructions of the Pertuis, on material: timber. Worked here by professionals, the models are actually designed as kits for amateur construction. In this spirit the architect wanted to reconcile ease of realisation, comfort, reliability and finally price. In the order of 350,000 francs for 12m ready to sail, 250,000 to 280,000 francs for the amateur plus his time.

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The jonque Pa Yeng at Ars en Ré today (12.5m)

Lakatao, 12.5m sailing junk, somewhere in the southern hemisphere

Feng Zheng, jonque de plaisance (14.25m)

Cybèle, 12.5m at La Rochelle, prior to her transfer to Sète

A tribute to Geoff who sailed a long time aboard DUMA (and other sailboats) in Scotland.

Geoff. November 20, 2006

Geoff passed away in December 2018 and is greatly missed. How does one speak about a man larger-than-life who had so many interests and passions and who excelled in so many fields? He was a seasoned sailor, an engineer, an inventor, a musician, a motorbike racer, but with Geoff there is always more. His love of life was contagious and touched many.

Chinese Junk DUMA sails home from Dalai Lama’s Holy Island: “Just me and Benny the dog aboard as crew, sailing the beautiful wooden Jonque De Plaisance “DUMA” homewards enjoying a perfect day, the sea, the wind, and fine Scottish mountains, islands and Jura Malt Whisky. Zen sailing at its best folks.”

Chinese junk Duma’s fine bow wave at 12 knots: “Short clip of Duma the JDP 12.5m Junk tearing along off Scotland’s west coast- JOY! Her foresail is backwinded slightly by the mainsail (twice as big) aft, but still she flies along. I love this boat.”

Gybe a Chinese junk by squeezebox remote control: Gentle sailing home in January 2009 from Arran and Holy Island aboard “Duma” the Chinese Junk. Cap’n Geoff whistled up a wind from nowhere using the magic squeezebox technique, then gybed the foresail on the chord change. All acoustic, organic and comedic, but true!