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Jonque de Plaisance

Zong sous voile
Down wind in full sail

Zong, the 9M Modern junk rig sailboat, plywood construction, in Quebec

Zong was built in Canada in the 1980's by an amateur builder Yves and she changed hands in late 2009. Below is a collection of photos kindly supplied by Yves.

Her new owner Serge, has fitted her with a new sail and is currently undertaking some maintenance/repair work: new mast, sound insulation and more. The photos in the slide show above have been taken by Serge and you can follow his progress on Zong's facebook page.

We thank Yves and Serge for these photos.

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Zong Suivez les progrès de Serge sur facebook Drapeau Québequois

Minijonque 9M

Designed in collaboration
with Jean-Pierre Villenave
Naval architect

"She impresses wherever I wander. The magic of timber ... The sail intrigues ... and the interior fittings are a sensation".