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Jonque de Plaisance

The advantages:

Some not negligable savings in material and labour costs can be achieved

Another advantage for the amateur builder is that the shipyard selects the best timbers for the job and the quality is therefore guaranteed

The construction can be complete or at various stages

La naissance d'un bateau
Ça commence avec du bois
5 jours de séchage, 45 de séchoir
Les copeaux deviennent un combustible
Tracé à l'échelle 1
Membrures en serrage
Membrures numérotées
10 jours de cure pour membrures et barrots
Quille interne et grosse équerre d'étambot
Lamellage d'une quille
Démoulage de la quille
La coque commence à prendre forme
Fils d'alignement
Fils d'alignement
Coque prête à être bordée
Strip planking: lattes de red cedar
Bois moulé: 3 ou plus couches de lattes fine de red cedar ou acajou

Ultramarine Boatbuilders

Ultramarine Boatbuilders are eminently qualified to build a modern ocean going junk-rigged sailboat. Their workmanship is superb. Moreover, substantial savings can be achieved, when compared with building costs in other parts of the world.

Lionel Mallard (Ultramarine's director) and Dimitri Le Forestier have something in common: They were both well acquainted with Daniel Bombigher, a French naval architect famous for his classic Shpountz Series.

Modern junk-rig sailboat kits for the amateur boat builder:

If you would like to built your boat yourself, but have some hesitations about lofting and building the hull structure, the shipyard can build a kit to get you well on the way.

KIT No. 1 - Hull Charpentry Kit and KIT No. 3 - Deck & Roof Carpentry Kit (disassembled). These kits are assembled as they are built, then disassembled for shipping


The shipyard Ultramarine Boatbuilders is located on the south east coast of India at Pondicherry where its director, Lionel Mallard, settled with his family after a five year circumnavigation.

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