Four year old bamboo is used to reinforce the junk rig sail
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Jonque de Plaisance

Their silhouettes have been on the horizons for more than 3000 years and Dimitri Le Forestier, who draws them with passion, invites you to share his enthusiasm for these marvellous boats

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Building a modern ocean-going junk-rigged sailboat

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Ultramarine Boatbuilders Pvt. Ltd.
French owned and operated shipyard located at Pondicherry, India. Has an agreement with Dimitri Le Forestier to build the JDPs. You can have your boat built either partially (kit) or to completion.
Diffusion Photo Magazine
Online magazine dedicated to the photography and voyages of Dominique et Paul Mariottini Visit the page dedicated to a cruise on board Suwan Macha.
Chinese lugsails Chinese Lugsails
Photos, articles, more links and an extensive bibliography on sailing junks and their rigging.
"The Chinese Sail" Article written by Brian Platt: an excellent article on Chinese junk rigging, based on the author's experience.
Junk Rig Association The JRA was formed in Britain in 1980 with the aim of furthering the development of the rig in its various forms, and of creating an international community of people with an interest in the rig to share their experience and ideas for mutual benefit and enjoyment.
Voiles de Jonques Site in French. The association was formed in 2004 to promote junk rig designs and to assist the sharing of information and communication amongst its members, amateurs and associations with similar goals.
The Mother of All Maritime Links "The Mother of All Maritime Links"
Covers an amazing range of maritime related topics.
Suwan Macha Cruises This page gives details of cruises on board Suwan Macha.
Chinese symbols Suwan Macha

Suwan Macha

Image: Courtesy Asia Marine

54ft junk (16.50m) under sail, built at Bangkok in 1982 for ASIA, under supervision of its architect.

This junk sails around Phuket and offers cruises of four days and three nights duration.

She was spared by the 2004 tsunami because she was not in port at the time it struck.