It is with pleasure that I present to you my father’s sailing junks, Dimitri Le Forestier, naval architect IFAN.

In 1980, Daniel Bombigher wrote an article about Dimitri’s conception of the modern sailing junk (Loisirs Nautiques LN º102 in french).

Since then, my father designed a series of modern sailing junks, for the most part with the amateur builder in mind. I have had the honour of working with my father for over 10 years; he has since retired and we both wish to thank our readers and clients who have given us such positive, on-going support. A special thank you also to the French shipyard Ultramarine Boat Builders in Pondicherry India, who tirelessly answered enquiries.

Our website was much in need of an update, it contains extracts from the many articles Dimitri has published, just as the previous website did.

Plans are available and are sold ‘as is’ and I may not be able to answer all your questions. I invite you to appreciate the work of Dimitri. Many people say that his junks are a master piece and make you dream.

Catherine Le Forestier

Dimitri Le Forestier, Suwan Macha shipyard, early 80s
Dimitri on the Suwan Macha shipyard in Phuket in the early ’80s